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Welcome to the Toronto Dentist Smile Blog. Get your latest dental news and views from the team at Royal York Dental.

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Big Scare on Bloor Street

Ever notice those gas meters sticking out of the sidewalks on Bloor Street? Back a few years ago, the lines were brought to the outside front of all the buildings. The point was to make things easier for the meter reader to record numbers.  I remember thinking at the time that this was putting those […]

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Toronto Dental Blog: Lost Starfish and Broken Smiles

The Lost Starfish and Saving Broken Smiles

Save the world – one smile at a time? A noble cause for sure, but not every starfish on the beach can be saved… This is a story about a girl with broken smile. Age around 20. Sadly, I can’t save every smile. Not all deserve to be…

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Toronto Dental Blog: Etobicoke's Best Dentist Award

Etobicoke Best Dentist Award Winner

Great news! We’re thrilled to announce we recently won an award as West Toronto’s Best Dental Office for the Reader’s Choice Awards put on by The Etobicoke Guardian. Our wall is crowded with award plaques, and we love it!

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Toronto Dental Blog: Toronto Cosmetic Dentist Joe Bulger

Dental Dilemma – Why Dentists Neglect Your Needs

There’s all kinds of people out there drifting along in great need of care. The people I see every day barely need a dentist. They self-maintain beautifully. These are the ones with the financial resources to choose Advanced Dental Care, yet they rarely have need for such things…

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Toronto Dental Blog: Eco-Friendly Dentist

Eco-Friendly Dentist – Green Dentistry

What is Eco-Friendly Dentistry? This is a fairly new concept, pioneered by local dentist Dr. Ali Farahani. Our team has followed his lead in implementing many eco-friendly processes within our practice. Responsible Dentistry is Eco-Friendly. Find out more…

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